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Legacy Village - Chuck Southworth-Board Member: "ACRI has given HOA’s under management the opportunity to leverage strategies to utilize HOA (Homeowner Association) Websites. Association Websites should be an integral component of all successfully managed HOA's. Hopefully, other Associations will start to recognize the benefits ACRI provides as well and implement many of their communication ideas."

The Links at Deer Run - Jason Fulvi: "My wife and I are new to The Links and can't say enough about how positive our experience with Acri has been so far.  Once we brought all of the items that were of a concern to light, your response was fantastic.  Before we knew it, we had service technicians showing up, one after another, to address the issues.  As two individuals in the service industry, we are very impressed with your response time and follow up."

Walden Woods - Cari Purks: Extremely pleased with service and responsiveness. Had two requests recently which were both resolved quickly. Even received a call at home long after business hours were over! Staff is always pleasant and eager to assist. Couldn't ask for more!

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Acri is Community Association Institute certified (CAI), Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) has a Broker and Certified Insurance Service Representative.

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Our Professional Community Management Services

We know that sometimes being in a community association can be confusing, time-consuming, or overwhelmingly frustrating. Acri Community Realty can make your community management simple. Acri Community Realty provides community property management and services for condominium and homeowner associations in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

Our professional community management services include:

  • Condominium Association Management
  • Homeowners Association Management
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting Services
  • Lockbox Services
  • Budget Planning
  • Association Records Maintenance and Management
  • Preparing and Conduction of Association Meetings
  • Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions Enforcement
  • Rules & Regulations; Adoption through Enforcement
  • Reserve Studies
  • Long-Term Planning and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Bid Specification Development and Procurement of Proposals
  • Association Maintenance Oversight
  • Staff Maintenance of Association Property
  • Entry Gate Management
  • Newsletters
  • Websites for Associations

Community management services (condo and homeowner association management) doesn’t have to be complicated. Our team at Acri has years of experience in full-service community management and we know how to streamline the process and help our neighborhoods.

As experts in our field, we are extremely active in the services that offer the greatest value for the neighborhood residents of the communities we manage. For Acri, it is about helping our clients develop and maintain excellent communities that hold or increase in value over time.

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Why is Community Management Important?

Hiring a professional property management company will save your association time and money. Managing vendors and improving homeowner relationships is key, but have you thought about what else a Great Association or HOA Management company can do to improve your community living experience?

Homeowners associations integral to maintaining your residential neighborhood community. Community management companies can assist residents in all aspects of community living – from making sure that all essential dues are paid, to hiring the best contractors to keep the community in order. Your community management team can ensure that your neighborhood is compliant with local laws as well.

Community property management companies assist HOA’s in numerous ways and are able to relieve the board members and residents from the strain of running an HOA. Most HOA boards ultimately turn to experienced community property management companies to help handle the day to day running of their residential community. Community management teams offer assistance with finding reputable maintenance providers to ensure the common residential areas, such as pools and landscaping, are safe and well kept. They can also assist the HOA in finding other external preferred service provider contractors to ensure that the needs of the residents are met.

Additionally, community management companies can help HOA’s collect all important fees and dues that go towards maintaining the community from other residents. This specific function alone can help alleviate a lot of stress from HOA board members who might not want to upset their neighbors by asking directly for fees and dues to be paid.

Good community management companies also offer training and seminars for the local HOA board members and residents. They provide education about maintaining the residential areas and offer guidance on how to run an effective homeowners association. They can also help clarify any questions HOA board might have with regards to local laws and by-laws within the area. This education can prevent a lot of misunderstanding or unintentional city code violations in the long run.

Hiring a good community property management company is extremely beneficial for any HOA. By employing a reputable community property management company to assist with the running of your homeowner association, you can be sure that all of your communities needs are met. You can also be sure that having a professional eye looking over the HOA board and its actions will ensure that the HOA is run correctly.

Choosing the right management company can make or break your Association.

How Do I Know If A Community Management Company is Reputable?

The association’s size, amenities, facilities, and budget determine the type of management your association needs. Whether you select an on-site manager or work with a management company, it’s essential that you select a qualified community association management professional. You can identify qualified managers by the credentials that indicate their level of professionalism.


Not all experienced and capable community association managers will be listed in the directories. However, you can get recommendations on qualified managers by talking to industry professionals at local and national meetings of CAI (Community Associations Institute).

Invite Managers to Apply

Once you’ve identified several potential managers or management companies, invite them to submit a proposal.

Is a less expensive per door cost always better? That depends. Sure, you can save a few pennies and appear like you are saving money, but when you look closely, you may be in serious trouble.

Ignorance isn’t bliss for your community — or your neighbors — when it comes to Homeowner Association or Condominium Property Management Service Companies. Don’t be impressed by empty promises, websites or pretty PowerPoint presentations.

Be sure to find the answers to some key questions before signing a contract. The best way to to get the answers you need is by actually visiting and interviewing potential professional management companies at their business location.

Ask the Tough Questions (and Get Them Answered)

Acri Realty has compiled a list of the questions you and your association need to ask and get answered before committing to and signing a contract with a professional property management company. Print it out and use it as a guide so that you are sure to get the answers you really need.

Acri Association Managment Service Provider-ListDownload the Tough Questions ⇐ Print it out and use it as a guide the next time you need to interview a property management company. Be sure to get difficult questions answered.

Once your association selects a manager or management company, both the board and the manager will want a contract that specifies the terms of the agreement. For legal advice and contract recommendations, we recommend that you consult with an attorney. Here are some of the elements that you can expect to be included in your management contract.

Where Can I Request Your Community Management Company Proposal?

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