‘Tis the season to enjoy festivities, but with all of that fun comes a lot a work. Someone is doing all of the planning and hopefully, you have set aside some “down-time” planning as well. So, in support of relaxation, reflection, and your enjoyment of the people and pursuits you love most Acri is sharing 10 simple tips to help take the stress out of the holidays.

1. Enjoy the fruits of your decorating – hang out at home more.
2. Bake something yummy – even if it is the pre-mixed pop open cookies.
3. Get crafty – no talent? Get an adult coloring book and be a kid again.
4. Make a grateful list – see if you can turn naughty into nice.
5. Give a compliment – especially to nurses and teachers. (and maybe your property manager)
6. Have a movie marathon – re-watch some old favorites.
7. Visit a nursing home – bring some cheer to someone who is lonely.
8. Do not go on a diet – enjoy family favorites.
9. Trim the tree and the gift list – do little things to show to care all year instead.
10. And finally – KISKeep It Simple, and remember the spirit of the season is what really matters.

Rinaldo Acri Says “No matter which year-end set of holidays you celebrate (or none at all), the fact is that most people take some time off during the last couple of weeks of December that creates an opportunity to reflect on your life.”

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