Lawrence County – Countryside Paradise with Big City Amenities

Lawrence County is named after the USS Lawrence, which fought against the British in 1813 in the Battle of Lake Erie. Created in 1849 out of townships formerly a part of Beaver and Mercer County, Lawrence County is now famous for its Amish communities, beautiful countryside, outdoor recreational parks, and great food. Due to its proximity to Lake Erie, Lawrence draws in visitors from nearby Cleveland, Ohio as well as Pittsburgh.

Why Choosing The Right Property Manager Matters

With everything Lawrence has to offer, its thriving communities need good management partners to protect their way of life and help them achieve their goals. If you’re a new community looking for your first management partner, or looking to switch from your current manager, ACRI Community Realty can help. Our team of certified property managers aren’t just remote employees helping you with administration. We’re locals and homeowners ourselves, and that means you’re getting a team who understands how important a well running community is to your everyday life, and how poor management can drain your time and energy.

ACRI Has A Custom Solution For Your Lawrence County Community

Whether you’re a condo or homeowners association, large or small, just looking for the basics or a complete package, ACRI has a solution that will meet your needs. From handling event space reservations to project budgeting and insurance consulting, our team can truly do it all! And because we understand each community we manage has its own unique identity, you can use all or just a few of our offerings. When you choose ACRI, your management package will be customized to your exact needs, with no cookie cutter solutions.

What ACRI Will Do For You

  • Preparation of budgets
  • Billing & collection of annual assessments
  • Vigorous pursuit of delinquent homeowner fees
  • Obtaining contractor bids & overseeing contractors
  • Maintaining vendor & contractor relationships
  • Payment of bills
  • Enforcement of Covenants & Restrictions
  • Preparation of financial report/bank reconciliation
  • Property inspections
  • Address homeowner/neighborhood concerns
  • Property update report to the Board
  • Host or sponsor social events & seminars
  • 24-hour emergency response service
  • And much more!

Get Your Life Back – Let ACRI Handle It From Here

We know working as a volunteer board member for an HOA or COA can be demanding at times. With only so many hours in the day to handle all of your other commitments, managing a growing community can quickly feel like it’s taking over your life. With ACRI, you can get your life back and get back to focusing on what matters most. We’ll create a customized package to meet your community’s exact needs, and you can let us handle the rest. Get started today by giving our office a call or setting up your free management consultation!