It’s important to know that HOA managers or management companies are not board members. They don’t make final decisions on community matters. That responsibility still lies with the HOA board. The company is merely there to provide aid and advice.

For example, if a homeowner commits a violation, the company may send a notice per the board’s direction. The same goes for maintenance or architectural requests. If a homeowner sends a request form, the company acts as a middleman of sorts — sending and receiving correspondence — but doesn’t get to decide whether to approve or deny the request.

Your community association manager can provide you with this information. It is important to note that your community has an annual members’ meeting where your board of directors discusses the community’s affairs, including the financial aspects of the association with the homeowners. All homeowners are encouraged to attend their community’s annual meeting to help them understand their community and to get involved in their community.

Assessments fund the community’s budget and pay for common area landscape maintenance, repair, and maintenance and also include items such as streets, boulevards, swimming pools, playgrounds, and equipment. Assessments also fund any desired improvements to the community as well as replacing outdated, worn, or damaged common area items. Depending on your association, the fees may also pay for community parties, newsletters, a website, welcome packets to new owners, or other programs. The assessments also cover the management and administrative costs of the association, which includes the cost of collecting the assessments, managing the community’s financial affairs, managing the community’s legal affairs, and enforcing the community’s rules through site inspections and notices.

Any exterior modifications or additions to your home or any structural changes must have prior written approval from your Architectural Control Committee or Board of Directors. For information, applications, and further details, contact us. You should note that this approval process generally may take up to thirty days; therefore, do not schedule any construction work or purchase any equipment until written approval has been received.



  • Pay via eCheck through your personal bank account

U.S. Mail

  • Pay via U.S. mail – send your assessment payments along with your coupon or statement tear-off to the following address:
PO Box 60935
Phoenix AZ 85082

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Complaints should be submitted in writing to us, with the Resident Portal or our contact request form on the xxxx page. Complaints should state the problem, identify the offending homeowner, and the date(s) of the offense(s). After confirming the report during our next regular property inspection, we will notify the owner about the violation that has occurred. If the owner has not corrected the issue after a reasonable period of time, the matter will be presented to the Board of Directors to decide what enforcement action should be taken.

Account information should be updated in writing, and the easiest way is to use our Resident/Owner Portal, which you can sign into from the Home Page. Alternatively, you can submit your changes to us using the contact form or email