Although you may live in a home that is part of an Association, as a homeowner, you’re responsible for dealing with appliance failures, broken fixtures, clogged toilets, and the many other maintenance types of things that come with owning your home. Unless you’re a do-it-yourself guru for house repair and know how to complete repairs to code, you need experienced local contractors who can promptly address any concerns to keep your dream home running smoothly.

Choosing Your Contractors

You want reliable and trustworthy contractors who are knowledgeable, skilled and licensed in their particular specialty. Licensed contractors are also required to hold full insurance so you’re protected if something goes wrong on the job. Certain jobs may require a permit before you hire a contractor.

To find reputable contractors, use the ACRI Preferred Service Providers. We remove the searching and the worry from finding great home service contractors. Many of our providers are offering Acri Homeowner Discounts. Another amazing benefit to our Acri Homeowners.

5 Essential Types of Contractors

  1. Electrician — If you don’t have the proper training, you don’t want to touch any electrical systems. Find a licensed and experienced electrician for your tenants when they have any outlets, power output, breakers going out on a consistent basis, and other electrical concerns in the property.
  2. HVAC Technician — HVAC, or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technicians take care of furnaces, air conditioning units, and duct work on your property. When it’s below 0 during the winter, having a furnace give out is certainly the last thing your tenants want to deal with.
  3. General Handyman — Some repairs don’t require any particular specialty skill, so a general handyman fits the bill well. These jacks-of-all-trades fix the little things around the house, like broken fixtures and creaky doors. If you’re not the best at do-it-yourself projects, make sure you have a professional handyman on call.
  4. Landscaper — Curbside appeal with your single-family home will increase your property value and make your community look great. If you don’t have a green thumb, bring in a gardener and lawn crew to maintain the yards, improve landscaping, and plant plants around your properties.
  5. Plumbers — A good plumbing contractor as a home service provider is well worth the expense. Getting those pesky clogs and faucets replaced saves you aggravation and money on your water bills. Realistically, are these the home service chores you really want to be doing anyway? There are some jobs you just want to let somebody else do.

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