You Can Accommodate a Tight Budget AND Go Green!

Sticking to a budget is never an easy task. You would think that your budget would take an even bigger hit if you were also trying to be mindful of the environment. Believe it or not, you CAN do both! Check out this list of simple actions you can take to reduce your costs and contribute to respecting the earth.

Saving Costs While Protecting the Environment

  1. Unplug appliances and electronics. TVs, computers and kitchen appliances, as well as cell phone and laptop chargers, all use energy when they are plugged in—even if they are turned off.
  2. Use power strips. “Smart” power strips automatically turn off when electronics are off or when one main unit (like your personal computer) is powered down.
  3. Replace your light bulbs with energy-efficient LED options.
  4. Turn off the lights. Your parents were right – when you’re not in the room or not in the house, there’s no need for all the lights to be on.
  5. Clean and replace furnace or air conditioner filters. Dirty filters block airflow, increase energy bills and shorten equipment life. While you are at it schedule a routine furnace maintenance check.
  6. Keep the shades and blinds down on south, east, and west-facing windows in the warmer months. In the colder months, open them up and let the sun in.
  7. Install Smart Thermostats that can be set to automatically turn off or reduce heating and cooling during the times when you are asleep or away. You can eliminate wasteful energy use from heating and cooling without the need to upgrade your HVAC system when you install a programmable thermostat.
  8. Use fans instead of air conditioning or combine A/C and fan use to decrease the air temperatures.
  9. Close vents and doors to unused rooms.

Energy conservation is important and beneficial for many reasons. ESI Energy Savers says, “You can save money, increase your property value, and protect the environment all through simple energy-saving measures.”

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to save your budget or save the environment, these tips provide great energy-saving benefits either way.

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