There is no one area in the control of an association that affects the saleability of a home more than curb appeal. Although professionals differ as to the true definition of curb appeal, all professionals agree that a home’s first impression makes a huge difference as to how a home fares in the marketplace.

Ways That Curb Appeal Can Be Enhanced

  1. Windows and siding should be clean. Metal objects such as doorknobs, mailboxes, and kick plates should be freshly painted or polished.
  2. Sidewalks and driveways should be passable. Cut back large bushes that infringe on these items.
  3. Keep lawns cut, edged, and green. Treat for weeds.
  4. All bushes should be neatly trimmed, and all beds should be weeded and covered in mulch.
  5. All exterior lighting should be operable. Additional exterior lighting should also be considered.
  6. Repair any damaged shingles, shutters, or concrete.
  7. Add flowers to the entrance area of the home. Perennials are acceptable, but annuals can really add interest because they are more colorful.
  8. Add a bench to the front porch. The bench lends a warm feeling to the home.
  9. The front door should be freshly painted.

Exteriors Rouse Potential Buyers

In summary, while the important selling points of a home are on the inside, the exterior of a home is what rouses the interest of potential homeowners and entices them to look at the interior. Improving Curb Appeal is the best chance for you to entice a buyer to learn more about your property.

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