Just How Are The Majority Of Homeowners Feeling Concerning Their Homeowner Organizations?

Recent studies performed by the CAI, Community Organizations Institute, show that over 70% of homeowners are pleased to own property in a community with a homeowner association.

Association residents desire the protection of association rules, regulations, and also policies that help to secure the value of their property as well as that of the community.

What Pleased Association Homeowners Appreciate

These association residents desire the value of shared facilities. They enjoy the pool, the tennis courts, and the club. They place value in the policies that set standards of conduct. They appreciate what their homeowner association can prevent them from seeing around their neighborhoods.

Pleased association members do not want to see:

  • boats, yachts, or recreational vehicles parked in driveways or roadways,
  • the rogue neighbor to paint his home wild colors in protest to their cause,
  • their neighbor building fencing that blocks a stunning view,
  • a do it yourself home enhancement that goes on forever.

What Pleased Homeowners Understand

Pleased association members understand that a Homeowner Association is a business. It has expenditures that should be paid. They expect association assessments collections to cover costs of things like the street lights, the swimming pool maintenance, the landscaping, the management fees, the insurance coverage, the cable television in the condominium and anything else the association, as a whole, wishes to include.

They recognize that the nonpayment of assessments may result in penalties, the constraint of privileges, and also, on occasion, the danger of foreclosure. They understand a pattern of enabling residents getting away with not paying their assessments will certainly bring about financial stresses and larger concerns that affect the entire membership.

Pleased Homeowners Take Action

Happy association residents are active within their neighborhood, community, and their association’s committees. They offer their time to serve on boards or on teams. They participate in the yearly meetings. They support the board and also comply with the decisions.

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