Chances are you do. You don’t have to know everything when you join, but you should be familiar with the governing documents and the responsibilities of the job. Fellow board members and managers can help you with the transition and train you on board responsibilities, current work, projects and hot issues.

If you have a mix of some of the following traits and skills, consider running for a seat on the board. ACRI Commercial Realty would love to have you volunteer as a board member of your community.

  • Give others respect. And expect it in return, you can help keep board discussions civil, productive and on point. We’re looking for people who can lead by consensus, not by command.
  • Good listening. People want to be heard. Can you listen to board members and residents with sincere interest? You may have a few ideas of your own, but everyone benefits by sharing and discussing.
  • Thick skin. Sometimes, residents—even other board members—can be mean and insulting. Are you good at turning a conversation around and finding out what’s really bothering people?
  • Egos aside. If you can give others credit, the board will operate better as a team. Don’t be a dictator.
  • Agenda aside. Members who come to the board looking to help only themselves are a problem. A board is more productive when members don’t have a personal punch list. Are you able to look after the community, not just your own interests? Are you willing to compromise?
  • An association is a business. So having board members with accounting, organizational behavior and team building backgrounds can help. Someone with a financial background, for example, might make for a good treasurer.

With that said, to have The Right Stuff you need to understand:

  • What you lead is a multi-million dollar investment
  • What you spend is other people’s money
  • What you maintain are people’s homes and investments — usually their largest
  • What you preserve are real estate assets — all of them
  • What you honor are your governing documents and the state law.

Rinaldo Acri Says” The key to having the right stuff  is to check the direction of your moral compass as you compose those homeowner letters.  Make a commitment to your volunteer work, and pass that commitment along to the owners to be served. “See our article on How to Be a Board RockStar.

Run your HOA like a business and you will be sure to succeed. Your neighbors will admire and respect you in the process.

“Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” ~ Mark Twain

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