Acri Realty shares Five Essential Safety Tips on Night Walking to ensure your night or early morning walks are as safe as possible while still meeting your fitness goals.

“No matter the reason you may choose to walk when it’s dark out, night walking presents some unique challenges.”

Night walking is an excellent way for busy people to get more steps in their day. Some people like night walk because it is a schedule conflict, they may be too busy during the day or it is cooler in the summer months. Some people may be early risers and the sun is not up yet. If you fall into any of those situations, night walking may be the only way to achieve your walking fitness goals.

Here are five essential safety tips on night walking, including special gear that can help keep you safe.

1. Equipment to help you stay visible
Visibility is crucial in low-light conditions. Make sure drivers can see you, and you have a clear view of your surroundings.

  • An adjustable beam angle can headlamp can be a good option for lighting paths. Many companies sell hats with built-in lights on the brim or can clip on a garment. At the very least, carry a flashlight. Most mobile phones have an App you can use. Lighting is essential if you’re walking on a trail, grass, or an uneven surface so that you don’t trip over unseen obstacles.
  • Reflective clothing helps ensure you’re visible to motorists. Reflective vests come in a variety of colors and styles with reflective stripes or a reflective X on the front and back. Bright yellow, pink, or orange are good choices as they’re the most clearly visible, and their colors stand out against almost any background.

If you can’t find a vest, or if you want a more portable accessory, many options are available. Try looking into hats with reflective surfaces. Reflective ball caps and knit caps are available for colder weather. Reflective ankle bands and headbands can be a good, easy-to-carry option. Many shoes, belts, and clothing come with a reflective option; if not, use some reflective tape. Wear as much reflective gear as possible.

2. Dress safe, be safe
Safety should be your #1 concern. Put in some effort to find visible clothes. Making a fashion statement is not a good idea. Colors, like navy or black, are dangerous combinations because they blend in with the night. To show up better, put on something white over dark clothing.

3. Don’t forget Fido!
If you include your dog there’s also a variety of reflective collars and vests, as well and light-up items for your furry friend. Make sure your dog is visible, especially if you’re walking on the street. Your 4 legged best friend needs protection, especially if they manage to get off the leash and take off.

4. Walk facing the traffic, not with it
You may think you are safe on the sidewalk, but that is not true. Many drivers are distracted and do not expect to see walkers or small animals. To show up on their radar, reflective clothing and a flashlight are a must. Obey all traffic crossing signals. See this article about speeding on HOA streets.

5. Be safe – walk with a buddy
For safety purposes, it is advisable to walk with a friend and keep your cell phone handy. Stick to walking in well-lit areas. Avoid suspicious individuals. Make a call or text to someone before your journey and when you return.

Rinaldo Acri says, “Over 5,000 pedestrians are killed by vehicles each year; most fatalities occur on neighborhood streets. Don’t become a statistic gear and light up for safety. Travel with a buddy and be safe”

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