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Effective communication, mutual respect, and cooperation are the cornerstones of all relationships. However, these traits are especially important in property management. Your Board and residents need to have complete trust in your property manager. 

Relationships are a two-way street. When your Board uses the tips and tricks presented in this article, you will see an improvement in your relationship with your property manager.

The Best Ways to Maintain a Positive Relationship with Your Property Manager

Whether you are new to property management or are trying to mend an existing relationship with your property manager, these tips are for you. They are the best ways we know to keep your relationship positive. 

1) Create defined roles and expectations. 

The best thing you can do to set yourself up for a positive relationship with your property manager is to define the roles and expectations. Outline specific responsibilities for both the Board and the property manager, ensuring that each party understands their duties and obligations. 

Below, we have listed some responsibilities to consider. 

  • Establish performance benchmarks and goals.
  • Track progress over time.
  • Discuss preferences in their approach to property management.

You should also schedule regular times to revisit these considerations and make changes.

2) Cultivate a professional working relationship. 

Professionalism and respect in any working relationship will build trust. That type of connection is essential when you work with a property manager. While you must be intentional to create this type of relationship, doing so does not have to be hard. 

For example, you can demonstrate your confidence in the property manager’s abilities while offering constructive feedback and support. Or, you could avoid micromanaging and recognize the expertise the property manager brings to the table. 

Conversely, it is also essential that your property manager treat your Board and residents with respect and professionalism as well. If they do not, you should rethink the relationship, as it should be a two-way street.

3) Prioritize collaboration. 

Property management often entails navigating various challenges and obstacles, from resident issues to maintenance emergencies. Approach these challenges as opportunities for collaboration and problem-solving and not sources of contention. 

Do not get into a power struggle with your property manager. Instead, solicit their input while providing your own. Use open and transparent communication to ensure everyone feels heard. By working together, the Board and your project manager will be able to achieve much more success than if you were to try and solve the problem alone.

The relationship between the property manager and the Board is a crucial one for the success of your community. By utilizing the tips in this article, this critical relationship will become a productive partnership, which will only strengthen the financial stability and resident satisfaction of your community. 

For more information about how to navigate hiring a property manager, contact ACRI Community Realty. We are the Pittsburgh area’s source for excellent property management for condominium associations and homeowner’s associations (HOA). Our experienced team has the knowledge and resources to set your community up for success.  

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