Don’t Get Caught in the Middle

Boards and Managers all too often find themselves in the middle of disputes between neighbors.

For whatever reason, homeowners in Associations believe The Association is responsible for everything, including homeowners who cannot get along.

Many of the disputes revolve around noise or some other nuisance. A good way to handle such accusations is to require detailed logs of the neighbor’s alleged improprieties. If the “victim” balks at this, then you know the complaint is unfounded

Complaints about underage drinking, drug use or other illegal activities must be reported to the Police by the person who witnesses the illicit activity.

For the first time offenses, recommend that the “victim” talks directly to the “perpetrator”.

Regardless of the complaint, always get it in writing. If fines are eventually levied, you will need this written documentation to prevail at the local Magistrate.

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