Traditionally, a community is a group of people living together or near each other. So, homeowner associations and condominium associations are both types of communities. There are many of these types of communities in Allegheny County and the surrounding areas.

Whenever a large group of people lives close together, there are bound to be disagreements and issues. Yet, if you can create an environment where everyone works together towards the same goals, those problems will be minimized, and your community will thrive.

Five tips to keep your community thriving

If you want to keep your community thriving, follow these five tips.

1) Bring people together.
Communities should bring people together. To do this, you should plan many activities and events for your community members. Activities like block parties in the spring and summer, beautification projects, and days for the kids can all encourage residents to get out and mingle with others in the community.

While in-person activities are best for building community engagement, online events provide flexibility and could allow more people to participate. Plan a wide variety of events to accommodate the different schedules and interests of people in your community. 

2) Support community engagement.
Communities thrive when their members are engaged. Engagement in homeowners and condo communities could mean residents volunteer to serve on the board, become active in committees, or help with beautification projects.

No matter how a community member wants to become engaged, make sure they are appreciated and have everything they need to succeed. You can show your appreciation by publishing the names of volunteers in your newsletter or providing gift certificates to volunteers that go above and beyond. Supporting your volunteers by providing the tools and information they need to succeed is also essential. 

3) Ask for input.
Communities are made of people with a wide variety of opinions and points of view. Taking in a wide variety of ideas and suggestions can be overwhelming. However, it is essential for a thriving community.

Your community members likely have ideas that would improve the community for everyone. Consistently asking for input—through surveys, questionnaires, and direct communication—can ensure that everyone feels heard and safe to share their ideas. 

4) Prioritize open and transparent communication.
A big factor in achieving our third tip (asking for input) is an environment of open and transparent communication. The leaders of your community should model good communication. This means fostering multiple channels of communication and encouraging constructive criticism.

When your residents feel heard, they will be more likely to become engaged with the community. A community with engaged members is a thriving community. 

5) Hire a great property management company.
Having resident buy-in is not the only thing you need for a thriving community. You also need to ensure that the community is well-run./ That is where a great property management company like ACRI Community Realty comes in.

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