Although there may still be snow on the ground, now is the time to review and revise your pool rules as necessary.
Recent court decisions in the Pittsburgh area show that most pool rules have been found to be discriminatory under the U.S. Fair Housing Act. If your Association Pools Rules are not already compliant, then your pool rules should be revised and updated.

Two Common Discriminatory Aspects of Pool Rules

  1. Adult swims or adult areas. These types of rules have been found to be discriminatory against families with children. Such rules need to be immediately removed.
  2. Minimum age with parental supervision. Again these types of rules have been found to be discriminatory against families. The minimum age requirement also needs to be immediately removed or reduced to single digits.

The above applies to all Associations with the exception of officially designed 55 and over communities. So, you might be wondering what kind of rules should be adopted and posted by your association and will also remain compliant within the U.S. Fair Housing Act. Association pool rules should be focused on conduct.

It is perfectly acceptable to post Association Pool Rules addressing safety issues such as diving and rough-housing, as well as courtesy issues for things like splashing and noisiness. Placing the focus on conduct rather than family status will make everyone who uses the pool feel safe, respected, and welcome.

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