How Do Homeowner Associations Go Bad?

The Uninformed Homeowner

The fact is that lots of newbie property buyers never ever get or bother to review the regulating documents for the association. Unconsciously, they break the policies and leads them to run afoul of the organization.

The Rogue Homeowner

Regretfully, there will certainly always be some homeowners that purposefully breach the covenants, break the regulations and test the limits of their board.

In today’s digital age, e-mail, as well as social networking, can stimulate arguments in an area quickly.

How Unhappy Homeowners Act

At a minimum, unhappy homeowner association members do not participate in the association and would certainly not consider offering their time to serve on a board or committee. This kind of lack of passion, communication, and interaction leads to a lot of meetings that fail to get to the required quorum in order to perform association business!

Often, the volunteers that serve on an HOA board lack the time and/or the proficiency to effectively govern the association. Board members and committee participants are next-door neighbors and are consequently afraid to make the tough choices that may be undesirable to their neighbors. It’s easier to pass the problems on – to the following board.

Are there any other adverse homeowner association influences?

The media loves to criticize homeowner associations. Time and time again social media news outlets like twitter and facebook have a story of the low-income homeowner and sobbing children that need to get rid of the basketball goal, the grandma who has a lien positioned on the property for non -payment of assessments, or the out of control yearly meetings.

Hardly ever will you see a tale concerning the successful board, the excellent job that a management firm is doing, or the volunteers that are working harmoniously together. It is very regrettable, however, the media adds greatly to adverse perceptions regarding homeowner organizations.

And most importantly: Notice there is no “I” in HOA or COA

Rinaldo Acri CEO of Acri Community Realty says “Homeowners should be involved, which means communicating with your fellow homeowners, attending meetings, understanding the individual roles of the Board of Directors and knowing the importance of effective management.”

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