Sometimes it is the small things that encourage people to make the big leap. The sunroof in a car, the disc brakes on a bicycle, the free Netflix subscription with a TV. But what are some small items that can sell a house? With technology advancing in so many ways, the smart home is now a reality, and it’s more affordable than you might think.

3 Smart Home Gadgets to Help You Make the Big Sale

1. Top-Notch Lock

Many smart locks can attach to any deadbolt and uses Bluetooth technology to connect to smartphones. With a smart lock, there’s no more worrying about passing off keys to visiting friends, family, or even the neighborhood dog walker. Virtually anyone who has the app can be granted access to the house with your permission. And by using the contact list that is already on your phone you can grant or deny access to anyone you know. Some devices also keep a log of who enters the house and when, so you never be left in the dark about who is coming and going. Some high-tech locks work even if there is an Internet failure or power outage.

2. Superior Security

Homeowners never want to be placed in a situation where their door lock is the only thing keeping a burglar out of the house. A determined thief left unmonitored will find a way into a home no matter what (even if it means breaking a window.) However, a reminder of the consequences of breaking the law can deter a thief from ever attempting a robbery. One can easily DYI a house with state-of-the-art security (and with their remote connectivity feature there are no monthly fees.) From long-range and night vision to weatherproof cameras, there are a plethora of excellent security camera options that are reliable and simple to set up.

3. Learning Thermostat

Learning thermostats are nifty gadgets that connect right where the old thermostat was plugged in. Many like the Nest thermostat can be programmed to learn the users’ preferences and habits. After about a week it will remember when you’ve turned up and down the heat and parrot those habits so the house will be warm when you wake up and get home from work, but won’t be racking up your heating bill while you’re away. It uses geofencing technology to monitor the temp while you’re out. Nest also has an app so you can adjust the temperature wherever you are. While the initial investment for a  Thermostat is higher than older devices, it will quickly pay for itself in the energy it saves.

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