As more and more millennials are entering the home-buying phase of life, it’s only logical that this technologically savvy generation is going to be drawn to (and willing to pay more for) technology at home. And while “smart homes” used to just mean a killer sound system and reliable security system, the opportunities for making your home smarter, more entertaining, and more energy-efficient are endless. Here’s your guide to the best home tech on the market and how they appeal to all homebuyers.

1) Stay Secure

From extra simple to all the bells and whistles, a security system is often the first smart accessory homebuyers look for, especially couples with young children. Outdated security systems are bulky, ugly, and difficult to use. And almost all of them are rendered useless if an intruder cuts the power or phone lines.

There are many home security systems on the market that alert you via your cell phone when your home’s perimeter is breached. Some come with a camera so you can see and hear what’s going on outside and inside your home no matter where you are. There are some systems that also sound a siren, that’s great at scaring off intruders and alerting neighbors at the touch of a button. It’s also handy for preventing embarrassing and costly false alarms. Many cities fine homeowners for these easy mistakes. Additionally, when camera-enabled systems detect movement, they can also record HD video that can help you catch an intruder before they make off with your valuables.

Systems that also monitor your air quality and humidity are a great asset as well. It’s great for all home buyers concerned with health and wellness as well as safety.

2) See the Light

Just ask any real estate agent, ambiance is everything when it comes to wooing homebuyers and taking fabulous listing pictures. Harsh lighting not only makes your interior look less than flattering, but it also makes buyers feel less than fantastic. Installing dimmers in every single room can be costly and time-consuming, but the Philips Hue works with the Apple Home Kit, Nest, and Alexa to let you effortlessly change the lighting in any room with nothing more than your mobile device. The Nest Cam has the capability to turn your Hue bulbs on when it detects unexpected motion or sound, another great feature.

3) Keep Your Cool

One of the best features you can hit new homeowners with is lower utility bills and responsible energy consumption. That’s why smart thermostats are one of the best smart home investments you can make. The industry heavyweights are Nest and Honeywell’s Lyric thermostat. While Nest came first and boasts features like turning on your boiler automatically and using motion detection to learn your habits and adjust to your ideal temperature when you enter the room, Lyric is a strong competitor.

Leveraging these new Smart devices make your  home environment a safer place to live.

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